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‘The Clock Project’ September 3, 2007

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Introducing the Clock Project!

‘The Clock Project’ (as reads the label on the plastic box in which its parts reside) is something I started quite some time ago. I had been trying to think of some sort of object to create, something primarily artistic but also with some actual function. My original idea was to build a coffeemaker, but all my sketches of things I could build ended up looking like drug paraphernalia – while that’s arguably what a coffeemaker actually is, it really isn’t my style. I abandoned that idea and started thinking about building a clock.

The clock is going to be driven by a 1RPM timing motor, with a train of gears reducing that to minutes and hours. My plan is to have different faces for seconds, minutes and hours, as opposed to the standard system of coaxial hands on a single face. I don’t know why the standard clock design is like that; it seems to add unnecessary complexity, both in design and use. It’s a bit abstract to have two completely different numbering systems on the same face. My intention is also to have the clock rotate the face itself rather than move hands. This also seems like a better design; even lightweight hands are inherently off-balance, at least as traditionally implemented.

More to come, once I get some images rendered and web-ready.