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Materialization: successful! October 7, 2009

Filed under: Miscelaneous Projects — Stokes @ 10:23 am
The revised servo motor mounts, assembled.

After some modifications to the design and some tweaking to the print settings, pan/tilt rig version 2.0 is a success. At a marginally lower extrusion rate and temperature, the accuracy was greatly improved — this version was much less “lumpy.” This improvement turned out to be somewhat of a mixed blessing, however. The first draft ended up being slightly too small to fit the servos, so this version was scaled up by 10% prior to printing. Combined with the improved precision engendered by the print setting tweaks, the final result ended up being a bit too loose to grip the servos with friction alone. A small rubber band around each holder keeps the motor nicely in place, however.

Here are the virtual and material versions of the servo holders for comparison. All in all, a good likeness.

The revised servo motor mounts in SketchUp.The revised servo motor mounts, fabricated.


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