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A non-sticky situation January 12, 2008

Filed under: The Motor Controller Project — Stokes @ 10:31 pm

A detailed scan of my bad transfer.Last week, I finally got around to printing the new motor controller board. Since I did not have any usable glossy magazine pages as I’d used in my first toner-transfer attempt, I opted to use high-gloss inkjet paper.

It was a catastrophic failure.

Despite a myriad of toner-transfer articles on the web singing the praises of high-gloss inkjet paper, very little transferred to the copper-clad board at all. Surprisingly, the cheap, thin magazine/catalog paper worked much better. There were other differences, so I really can’t point at any single one as being the point of failure.

  • The heavy, high-gloss paper is substantially thicker than the original paper, so I may have needed more heat and/or time.
  • I tried using slightly less pressure with the iron in an attempt to avoid the bleeding I saw on my first attempt with the carrier boards, a hint I gleaned from the web.
  • The thicker board may have required more heat.
  • There was a hell of a lot of toner to transfer compared to my previous attempt.

I have one remaining copy of the motor board traces on the high-gloss paper; if that doesn’t work, I’m going back to the catalog pages.


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