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GAMBY Prototype #2 boards are done! September 11, 2011

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The second prototype of my GAMBY LCD/game shield.

I haven’t been updating the blog, but I have been working on things. Among them is GAMBY, my LCD/game shield for Arduino. I just had a second batch of six prototype boards manufactured, this time by Laenof DorkbotPDX.


Hopefully, this is close to the final design; there are a few minor changes to be made, but those shouldn’t impact the pinout, layout or components. I’ll assemble one today to verify that it works, and I’ll be modifying the existing code libraries to match the revisions made since the previous prototype.


The board designs are now in a public repository on GitHub: gamby.hardware. The code for the character editor (in Processing) and a sprite generation tool (in Python) have their own repo as well: The libraries will go on line as soon as I think they’re ready for public consumption. Since the boards aren’t yet in production I don’t think the latter is yet a high priority.

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