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A real pain in the neck September 5, 2012

Filed under: Miscelaneous Projects — Stokes @ 1:12 am

Quick-and-dirty laptop standI’ve been working on my laptop on the couch quite a lot, and it’s started to cause me real problems. I’ve been getting intense ‘thunderclap’ headaches, and they appear to be a posture-related injury: slouching on the couch, looking at something in my lap has done something awful to my neck. To improve things, I’ve started spending my day working at Artisan’s Asylum, where I set up on one of the electronics shop benches. That’s better, but looking down at the screen is still aggravating my neck, so I put together a quick-and-dirty laptop stand out of yet more scrap wood and junk bin hardware.

The sides are part of an IKEA spice rack, and the other metal parts are server rack-mounting hardware. Thumbscrews on either side permit adjustment of both the height and the angle.

My neck is already feeling better.


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