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First things first. Maybe. October 13, 2006

Filed under: ProjBlog — Stokes @ 8:32 pm

Setting up this project blog has become a project unto itself, so a self-referential post is perfectly apropos. Anyway, this has taken much longer than I’d hoped, due in part to all the other things I’ve got going on — the very things I was intending to post. WordPress, or at least the WordPress theme upon which I’m basing my own, is much more complex than it first appears. I think it’s looking pretty snappy, although the insanely large images it uses to get the cute rounded corners make the studied-computer-science-in-the-early-90s part of me wince. But, bit by bit, it’s coming together. Ignore the occasional white-on-offwhite text and flowery button from the original theme.


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