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Wroughtbench September 11, 2009

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The first of several workbenches I built.

Since I’m trying to update my project blog to reflect what I’m actually doing, I thought it worth mentioning the workbenches (and now shelves) I’ve been building for Willoughby & Baltic, previously posted only to Facebook.

I’ve built three nearly identical benches and one large table of similar construction using primarily scrap and recycled wood 2x4s from some demolished partitions. They were designed so that there are few pieces that meet end-on, reducing the required accuracy of the lengths of their pieces and allowing for a lot of tweaking room; since some of the 2x4s are a bit warped and the floor isn’t 100% level, anyway, a decent ‘fudge factor’ was needed. Three of the benches use doors (also once part of the demolished partitions) for work surfaces; the table uses two pieces of heavy, linoleum-covered countertop-type material from some other source.

The shelves are fairly similar in design, if only because they, too, are made primarily of 2x4s. These were built to slightly different proportions: 6’x6’x2′. Having used most of the small scrap in the benches, the shelves were designed to get the most out of whole 2×4 beams, which are typically 8′ long. Plywood paneling (again from the former partitions) serves as shelf surfaces. The paneling is just standard structural plywood with some ‘decorative’ grooves cut into it so it is actually quite sturdy.


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